PanEx members were directly responsible for the discovery and evaluation of a new fossil mineral sand province occurring inland along the east coast of Africa from South Africa to Somalia. By understanding the geological controls on the formation of large inland dune deposits PanEx members were able to identify locations where these deposits were best developed. More than ten deposits were identified of which two are currently in production. PanEx Resources continues to be on the lookout for deposits rich in the important rutile and zircon by products.

Hillendale and Fairbreeze mineral sand deposits, South Africa PanEx mines
Hillendale and Fairbreeze Mineral Sand deposits, South Africa
These deposits were the first fossil mineral sand deposits to be identified in Africa. The deposits were drilled and evaluated before being sold to the then Iscor. The deposits today provide feedstock for the Tronos Empangeni Smelter Complex in KZN.
Kwale Rutile zircon mine, Kenya PanEx mines
Kwale Rutile Zircon Mine, Kenya
Discovered four fossil mineral sand deposits along the coast of Kenya. The Kwale deposit was rutile and zircon rich and is the only one currently being mined by Base Minerals.
Corridor Sands ilmenite deposit, Mozambique PanEx mines
Corridor Sands Ilmenite Deposit, Mozambique
This heavy mineral sand deposit inland from Xai Xai was discovered as a team effort by understanding the geological development of the East African coast. The deposit was drilled and evaluated to final feasibility stage, is still undeveloped and remains the world’s largest ilmenite deposit.