Africa and southern Africa in particular provides a highly prospective region for the discovery of new diamond deposits. The recent re-assessment and successful mine development on a number of previously known deposits in Botswana and Lesotho demonstrate this opportunity. PanEx Resources team members have worked on many diamond deposits, both kimberlite and alluvial. The discovery of the world class Marsfontein kimberlite pipe is a good example of this. Currently we are examining kimberlite diamond opportunities in Botswana and elsewhere on behalf of PanEx Resources.

Marsfontein diamond mine, South Africa PanEx mines
Marsfontein Diamond Mine, South Africa
This diamond mine, the richest per ton ever found, was discovered in 1997. It was mined by De Beers and SouthernEra Resources, a Canadian junior. The kimberlite pipe has now been mined out and the area rehabilitated.
Klipspringer diamond mine, South Africa PanEx mines
Klipspringer Diamond Mine, South Africa
This kimberlite dyke was identified in 1995. Following drilling, underground development and bulk sampling, the mine went into production in 2003. It is now the property of Mwana Africa.