South Africa is endowed with around 80% of the world’s platinum group metal resources and PanEx Resources team members have played important parts in the discovery and development of these mines. The South African deposits are associated with the Bushveld Igneous Complex in the north central part of the country. Experience here includes the exploration for and drilling evaluation of Merensky Reef and UG2 chromite deposits. The platinum group and base metal hosting disseminated sulphide deposits of the Platreef style mineralisation have received particular attention because of their open-pit mining potential. Drilling and development of the Mogalakwena Mine and Volspruit Deposits are examples of this. Team members continue to focus on the identification and acquisition of new platinum projects on behalf of PanEx Resources.

Limpopo platinum mine, South Africa PanEx mines
Limpopo Platinum Mine, South Africa
The sale of this then dormant mine from a South African mining house to a Canadian junior was brokered in 2000. Drilling and evaluation studies were then carried out and the mine was reopened as a mechanised operation in 2004. Both the Merensky and the UG2 carry good grades over mining widths here. Currently the mine forms part of the Lonmin stable.
Mogalakwena platinum mine, South Africa PanEx mines
Mogalakwena Platinum Mine, South Africa
This is one of the world’s great platinum mines. It is an open pit mine owned and operated by Anglo American Platinum. Mike Scott from PanEx was a member of the JCI team that established this mine.
Volspruit platinum project, South Africa PanEx mines
Volspruit Platinum Project, South Africa
This open pit platinum project was identified in 1998. Drilling and evaluation studies have been carried out since 2001 and a positive feasibility study has been completed. A milling rate of 300 000 tons per month is envisaged. A mining application has been submitted by Sylvania Platinum, the project owners. Sylvania also own a very similar platinum project 70 kms to the north, identified by PanEx Resources in 1998.
Phosiri platinum project, South Africa PanEx mines
Phosiri Platinum Project, South Africa
This platinum deposit was identified in 2001. It is an unusual situation where the Bushveld Complex floor rocks have risen, bringing the reefs here up to mineable depths. Both the Merensky and UG2 reefs carry good grades over stoping widths. With over 40 million ounces in reserves and resources this is one of the world’s biggest unmined deposits. Currently the project belongs to a Chinese state mining enterprise and a mining licence is under application.