PanEx strategy

PanEx Resources’s core business is mining project identification and development.  This encompasses everything from discovery, through confirmatory drilling, interpretation and resource definition, metallurgical testwork, preliminary economic evaluation, raising of finance, preliminary and definitive engineering studies, assessment of environmental and social factors and security of tenure.  Projects are internally generated or negotiated with third party owners and developed to become profitable mines.  PanEx‘s ability to select the right projects is key to this process.

A steady flow of projects coupled with an above average success rate creates a sustainable business model.   This business model provides project owners and those with project concepts with a market for their ideas.   The technical and financial resources to take these up the value curve are provided by PanEx.  A number of these “Project Partners” have become wealthy through this route.

The PanEx business model provides opportunities for venture capitalists and investment funds to enter into projects at an earlier stage, thus leveraging off a relatively small investment with huge growth potential. PanEx’s track record and strong management, technical and administrative, provide comfort for what are usually considered high risk investments. Resource companies have been established on the back of mining projects discovered and developed by PanEx.

A small but very experienced permanent professional staff means that overheads are reduced to a minimum and the money is spent “in the ground”.

PanEx‘s discovery and development of new mining assets creates wealth and employment, work and development opportunities for communities and revenue for the state.